A small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can give a unique perspective of just about everything. Unlike traditional aircraft, a small UAV or "drone"  can shoot high-definition footage within inches of a subject at varying degrees of height.  Currently, I use DJI's Inspire 1 professional quadcopter.  The end result is a combination of a Hollywood boom and helicopter. 

Used in a responsible and safe manner, with the privacy of others in mind, I believe this type of technology can change the visual arts paradigm in the years to come. There are countless organizations that could benefit from this unique perspective including real estate, breweries, wineries and vineyards, golf courses, national state and local parks to name just a few. 

Spinning the aircraft and using several photos stitched together creates wonderful panoramas.


I am constantly researching innovative ways to use this technology.  Currently, I hope to develop methods to assist farmers with precision agriculture and land managers with surveying.  If you have an interest in these or other possibilities, please contact me.