Social media content


Social media and similar platforms often require diverse and creative use of new technology.  As such, I often use motion graphics, kinetic type, motion timelapse, drone and 360-video/photography to highlight a narrative.   Below are examples and clips of content used on twitter, instagram, facebook and youtube among others.  

Client: Multiple

Kinetic type

A social media campaign during Earth Day promoting Pact’s natural resource management efforts.

Part of a social media campaign promoting Pact’s signature WORTH program.

parallax effect

A social media campaign promoting Pact’s natural resource management program “FISH” in Malawi.


A teaser video for a longer video highlighting the success and challenges of local civil society organizations working to promote democracy, government accountability and European integration in Ukraine.

Advocacy video of Pact’s fundamental mission.


A collection motion timelapse clips. Most footage used specialized step motors and rails coupled with an intervalometer to achieve these results.


A collection of Drone footage.